Safe Space Cabinet Flag




A Flag with a hidden twist! 

Our “Safe Space Flag” will redefine the meaning of “Safe Space” by making every home with one, a true Safe Space. This flag can discreetly give a gun owner immediate access to two or three of their weapons & ammo, while also keeping the items inside safely locked away, with a RFID key & Lock system.  This cabinet can be configured for guns, liquor or even to keep an outside patio TV secure. 

This Flag come in two models:
1- as “Mounted Cabinet” that is hung directly on the wall and rests 5.5 inches off the wall.
2- as an “Flush Mounted Cabinet”  where the cabinet mounts INSIDE the wall just like a bathroom medicine cabinet.  This means it “looks” like only the flag itself is hanging on the wall and rests only 1.75 inches off the wall, looking like a framed picture on a wall.  It is a truly hidden Safe Space! 

After purchasing your Safe Space Flag with Artwork, we will call you to discuss the artwork you would like.  You can choose from our artwork, OR we will create a mock-up of the artwork you want. Through our exclusive mock-up process we will work with you to create the custom artwork you want on your Safe Space Cabinet.   


All American Woodworks


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Safe Space Cabinet Flag

Safe Space Cabinet Flag

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