Our Texas Hand Carved Waving State Flags are handcrafted from 3 individual pieces of solid wood with each Red Whit and Blue pieces having their own individual sections of wood, selected for it unique grain, combined with its hand carved waves into the 2″ thick stock, with 100% of the front being carved, and up to 20% of the back of the flag having waves from the front carry through to the back arround all the flags edges.  This extra attention to detail, and effort is what sets our waving flags so far ahead of any other available by those who have  copied our First Generation Waving flags.  So to keep our superior craftsmanship ahead of all the others, we just get better!  100% handcrafted means, No cheap stencils & spray paint, printers or CNC routers, we refuse to take any cheep short cuts of any kind.  Every single wave is hand carved, every ripple hand sanded and every single star on our flags are hand painted by hand with a brush, guaranteeing our quality is absolutely second to none!


All American Woodworks

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Weight 5.443 kg


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Hand Carved TEXAS Waving Flag