Our NAVY SEAL TRIDENT Flags are made of 18 pieces of pine that are hand selected for their more desirable wood grains. Each piece is then individually hand brazed with a torch that serves to make the wood more durable as well as brings out the best of its character.  We then hand paint each piece of the flag with a NAVY Blue & NAVY Grey base colors under this flags hand painted bright white Stars and Golden TRIDENT!
Every single aspect of this flag is given the highest attention to detail, each flag is delivered PERFECTLY to the family who has earned the title as a SEAL FAMILY!

Our First NAVY SEAL flag was commissioned by the daughter of LCDR Richard A Pearson USN RET.  A man who heroically served our country for 32 years with SEAL TEAM 1 and did 5 Tours in Vietnam.  Like nearly all of these great men, their incredible service goes almost completely unspoken, yet all of us are blessed everyday with the freedom and peace their sacrifice secures for us.  THANK YOU LCDR PEARSON, his Family and the entire SEAL Community!

We are so honored and proud to build these flags for our NAVY SEALS.

This flag can be customized with a Rank, Name and Service Dates.

American Flag like all our flags is 100% handcrafted.  No cheap stencils & spray paint, or other short cuts of any kind.  Each flags is constructed how “Official” flags are with each flag having it’s own individual canton (stars) piece with 13 individual stripe pieces.  Every single star and all the artwork on our flags is painted by hand with a brush.  

Standard: 36″ X 20″ LARGE: 45″ X 25″ XL: 76″ X 40″


All American Woodworks

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Weight 4.082 kg
Rank, Name & Dates



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