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Our “Custom Armed Forces Brigade & Attachment Flags” are custom flags with limitless variations of artwork, representing a man or woman’s specific service to our country.  Each flag features your choice of hand painted artwork combined with emblems, patches or logos that represent your unique service. We can customize your flag any way you would like!

Call us to arrange the custom work 844-4US-FLAG X 2 

This American Flag like all our flags is 100% handcrafted.  No cheap stencils & spray paint, or other short cuts of any kind.  Each flags is constructed how “Official” flags are with each flag having it’s own individual canton (stars) piece with 13 individual stripe pieces.  Every single star and all the artwork on our flags is painted by hand with a brush.  
Standard: 36″ X 20″ LARGE: 45″ X 25″ XL: 76″ X 40″


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Brigade & Attachment

Brigade & Attachment

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